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Shape the Future of Passenger Experience

快赢彩票下载安装到手机 www.znhur.com.cn Learn how to improve the passenger travel experience and optimize your operational costs.

Global passenger traffic is expected to double to 8.2 billion by 2037.  Over the next two decades, the forecast anticipates a 3.5% compound annual growth rate leading up to the doubling in passenger numbers from today's levels. ?

These figures underline the industry challenges to provide passengers with a seamless, secure and efficient end-to-end journey that is highly personalized. To enable this vision, industry stakeholders will need to embrace a “passenger-centric” mindset and to adapt to market trends and new technology when implementing products and services that meet their passengers’ expectation.

Passenger Experience 

Passenger Processing Design and Implementation, 2 day workshop (New)
Passenger self-service solutions such as automated bag drops or self-boarding gates provide passengers with more options during their journey at the airport while reducing queues. Learn about the key requirements, considerations and best practices when implementing self-service solutions as well as introducing biometrics to the end-to-end journey. 

Re-imagining Passenger Experience through Design Thinking, 2 day workshop (New)
Many companies who seek to innovate and exceed customer expectations have started adopting a "design thinking" approach to business challenges and product development. This workshop will provide you with the skills and tools to promote a “design thinking” culture and facilitate workshops within your organization.

Transforming Customer Data into Actionable Insight, 2 day workshop (New)
As passengers are increasingly connected and look for an experience that is personalized, context-based and seamless, airlines need to look at data and analytics to gain valuable insights on passenger behavior and motivations for buying their products and services. Learn about key passenger satisfaction drivers and use competitive analysis tools to enhance profitability and increase market share.

Baggage Management

Baggage Claims and Proration, 3 day classroom
When a bag is mishandled then the cost to recover that bag is shared between airlines. There are certain rules and process that airlines have to follow, including recently updated IATA Resolution and new profiles. Learn baggage pro-rate from the moment of payment of passenger claim till the agreement is made and the settlement of pro-rate amounts between respective carriers takes place. 

Baggage Tracking Compliance and Implementation, 3 day classroom
Resolution 753 on baggage tracking came into effect in June 2018 where IATA members are required to maintain an accurate inventory of baggage. The aim of Resolution 753 is to encourage airlines to further reduce baggage mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey. This course will provide you with the knowledge required to ensure compliance and implement baggage tracking solutions.

Facilitation and Passenger Data

Management of Aviation Facilitation, 5 day classroom
This course focuses on the crucial areas of travel authorization, passenger data, immigration, risk assessment, and terminal capacity with the aim to provide a secure, seamless and efficient “end-to-end” passenger experience.

Passenger Data Exchange Programs (API/PNR), 3 day classroom
This course answers your questions about Advanced Passenger Information (API), Interactive API (IAPI) and Passenger Name Record (PNR) data, as well as the many standards currently used to transmit them. Building on the API-PNR Toolkit, the practical exercises in this course will also help you understand the steps to building a data program in alignment with international standards. The course will also review existing legal requirements related to API and PNR.

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